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Shoot This Now

Apr 18, 2018

We talk about stories that should be movies. This week, Matt and Tim have a healthy, no-dumb-jokes discussion about a "This American Life" episode in which menstrual blood almost gets a woman in trouble with the NYPD.

We also play "Know Your Hemsworths."  

Check Jillian Welsh's story, "Aunt...

Apr 11, 2018

Sean Hannity got Jimmy Kimmel to apologize this week for homophobic jokes, but Sean Hannity was fired for homophobic comments from his first radio gig as a DJ at UC Santa Barbara. The result was an insane fight between UCSB and the ACLU, where surprising alliances were forged.

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Apr 4, 2018

We talk about stories that should be made into movies. This week: How the Tylenol murders offer a masterclass in crisis PR -- one  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should study.

Plus: Why we think Michael Keaton should star in our story, and how it relates to the Unabomber and "The Devil in the White City."