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Shoot This Now

Feb 26, 2019

Born in Toronto to a black father and white mother, Angela James went from defending herself from bullies in the projects to becoming one of the first women ever inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

She was also the first openly gay athlete to be inducted into a major sports Hall of Fame, and is widely regarded as the...

Feb 9, 2019

Six months ago, Raphael Samuel informed his mother over breakfast that he planned to sue his parents for bringing him into existence without his consent. His story should be a movie, obviously.

Every week on "Shoot This Now," we talk about stories that should be made into TV shows or movies. This week, Trey...

Feb 1, 2019

Frédéric Tcheng's Sundance doc "Halston" is about an Iowa boy turned fashion icon who went from making hats for Jackie Kennedy to ruling Studio 54 to making clothes for J.C. Penney. No one in fashion had a wilder, more intoxicating ride.

This week, Tcheng and producer Roland Ballester take us seamlessly through his...